Pro or a barefoot legend, bowls is a fun comp for all.

The Banyo Bowls Club has two full size greens. You'll often see the Banyo Bowls Squad out having a friendly comp out on rink 1 or 2. Feel free to chat to the bar staff about having a game either with your friends & family or if you're interesting in giving Lawn Bowls a go as a sport.

Register your Interest in Bowls

If you're interested in barefoot bowls, there is a green fee of  ten dollars per person. If you require large bookings eight+ people, please contact the club.

Don't just enjoy the club, become a VIP.

If you're a seasoned bowler, a barefoot bowler or just enjoy the good times down at the club, we're always happy to welcome anyone who would like to join our Club as either a Social or Full Member.

All our members are very special to us.

We'll keep you up to date month to month of upcoming food trucks, live music, events, championships, and much more.

Social Member

Be part of the Social Club! Receive members discounts and stay up to date with what's happening at the club first!
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Bowls Full Member

Full Members are a huge support to our little club, not only do you receive members discounts and updates, but you have access to both members bowls on Wed/Thu/Sat, entry into the bowls competitions and a say on what happens in your community club.
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Discount on Merchandise
Our Membership Loyalty Program
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Our club in steeped in history and our greens are important to not only the bowlers but all our locals. It's vital that it remains in tip top condition for the years to come. Here's a few way to protect our greens.


Bowls Green and Rec Green

We have one green reserved for Bowls and Competition, and one reserved for fun Barefoot Bowls and free play for our little locals. This ensures our comp green is in best condition for our yearly sporting competitions.  


Take your shoes off

Unless you're in competition, feel the grass beneath your feet. Alot of shoes aren't bowls green friendly and can cause damage to the green. We want to ensure our rec green remains grassy and cool for those who are enjoying it each day.


Leave heavy items outside the green.

The greens are so lush it's often tempting to bring your bits and bobs out onto the green. There's plenty of green space around the rinks to lay down a rug, park your pram, and play with toys.